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West Silvertown

West Silvertown Village Community Foundation

Committed to community....

Our mission is to REACH people from all the diverse backgrounds in the West Silvertown community, enabling us to live in harmony and unity.  To achieve our mission, we strive to provide excellent services and facilities in order to

football  Relieve people in need or suffering hardship

 Encourage healthy living

 Advance life-long learning

breakfast club  Celebrate the arts and our rich cultural and historic  heritage

 Help to create a vibrant and sustainable social and  physical environment

West Silvertown Village Community Foundation was formed in 1995 as the new development of Britannia Village was being planned.  West Silvertown Foundation took over the management of Britannia Village hall in 2007.  It works in partnership with various organisations to fund and deliver a comprehensive programme of activities for everyone in our community and is designed to fulfil our objectives


Barrier pointWest Silvertown in the London Borough of Newham is named after Samuel Silver who brought his waterproof clothing factory to the area in 1852. The area is bordered by Victoria Dock, North Woolwich Road, the Docklands Light Railway and Thames Barrier Park.  As the name suggests, the Park overlooks the river and the Thames Barrier - a 22 acre greenspace with attractions for all the family including a cafe.  It was opened in millennium year - London's largest riverside park for over 50 years. Bordering North Woolwich Road and on Victoria Dock, Britannia Village has an enviable position.  It is also very near to London City Airport, the only airport actually in London, and ExCeL , the international exhibition and conference centre. There are two Docklands Light Railway stations on the doorstep, so Britannia Village is ideally situated for commuters, open spaces and to watch the ongoing regeneration of West Silvertown - between the river and the docks - and beyond.


In 1994 Peabody Homes begin work on 85 homes at Fort Street, the first new homes in what would later be called Britannia Village as part of the regeneration on land owned by the then London Docklands Development Corporation (LDDC)  and passed on to the London Development Agency (LDA). The following year further land was allocated to the Peabody Trust and East Thames Housing Group and to George Wimpey homes to build 777 private homes and shops.


The Foundation is managed by a Board of Trustees which includes representatives of local residents, voluntary organisations and local businesses.  The committee is also able to co-opt a small number of additional people whose positions or skills can strengthen the expertise available.  They all give their time, energy and expertise freely and it is their continuing promotion and achievement of the Foundation's aims and objectives that support the Britannia Village community and its mission.

The Constitution of the Foundation is set out in its Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association

West Silvertown Village Community Foundation, registered in England and Wales as a company limited by guarantee -no: 3036200 and registered as a charity - no: 1049485.  Registered office: Britannia Village Hall, 65 Evelyn Road, London E16 1TU

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